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Going GAGA for Lady GAGA

JUDAS….. JUDA AAA JUDAS… JUDA AAA…  I’m not an antichrist nor a atheist, but I have been receiving all this BBM (blackberry messenger) about Lady Gaga and I just think its  a topic that is worth discussing over. There are heaps of people who think that she’s antichrist or she’s from illuminati and all her songs are just satanic. Who r u kidding ? I have seen her performance once and was blown away with all her props and costume. I don’t think I can be the judge on whether she’s a great singer or not, but in my point of view she’s a great entertainer. Who doesn’t want an entertainment ? I know I do. And I think Indonesia needs a good entertainment for once in a while.  So please people open up your mind to new things and don’t just believe everything that people said. Do some research before deciding on which side to be on.

This blog entry is probably too late, but just for future references, OPEN UP YOUR MIND! And be thorough before making judgment call.Image

seek the little monsters in you….. PEACE XO