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Occam’s Razor.

You see babe, my problem is I adhere religiously to the Occam’s Razor.

Numquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necessitate

I do the least, but not less. And definitely not more. You can either take it or leave it.

Sincerely with 4 olives.


Now Asians can pay more tithe to Steve Jobs.

Okay this is swell! Apple’s iTunes store has made it to some 12 countries in Asia, including Singapore. Seriously, what took those potato heads so long? Now you can join the trend by buying only Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know without having to pretend you care so much about his music. Yeah yeah, welcome to the age of the fad.

BTW, apparently somebody is being left out here. Indonesians, will you be willing to pay Rp9.000 for an Adele song? Or would you prefer to download for free or buy the pirated MP3 compilation in Mangga Dua for Rp5.000? Does the existence of iTunes store have any slightest impact on you?

Even with this, piracy will still be there, surely. One case in point for piracy is so you can test out whether you like the material enough to buy a copy for yourself (ergo, YouTube!). Among the exponents for this is Paulo Coelho, noting increase in his books sales since they are posted in P2P sites. Not everyone is a leecher. The thing is, people need open access to information. Piracy has been a good advocate of freedom of information, whether those white-collared executives like it or not. Who’s to say I will not buy original music (or books, or DVDs) just because free lunch is on the table? Who’s to say I won’t go to the concert of those musician whose songs I downloaded for free? There’s always more than one side of everything and greed is not the answer 🙂

So here’s hoping that iTunes store would help further flatten the world. Although, the fact that Apple (and Google) knows about me more than my mother does – what music I am listening to, where I am currently at, what porn website I access most often, my preference of food to color to my favorite cartoon character – is downright scary. It feels like Big Brother is watching you. There’s a price to pay for convenience? Or is it just another form of greed?

Too many questions need answering. Meanwhile let me contemplate whether to buy Carly Rae’s Call Me Maybe on iTunes. Nah, kidding!


A Mermaid That Other Mermaids Call Fat

I saw this picture from the internet just now. This remind me so much of Maryjo! *evil laugh*

*still laughing*




One of the reasons why I like to post a song from YouTube is because I lack the fluency to articulate what I meant to say. Seriously, I have no idea how to take a personal story of unrequited love, family drama, friendshit, and all other personal shitstuffs without seeming like a whining kitten. The irony is, I have no other things I really care about other than my personal dramas, ergo the song upload!

I know, I know this is a crime

Humphrey Bogart has conceded how futile our personal struggle is six decades ago. The problem of one, two, three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Fuck all that shit, we are not important enough not to mention our stupid little daily lives and dramas.

But I am a believer though, doesn’t matter how I seem to undermine the realities of human psyche and how sarcastic my sense of humor can be. So I have decided some time ago that I am striving to take another direction: to be a devotee of small little things and try to develop some sense of wittiness. After all, wit is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is more important than money. Money is more important than practically anything else.

I will update on that matter soon enough, hopefully.


for the love of money,






I hate Summer.

Hi there,

Mary Jo and V (I’ll refer to you as V unless you got fierce objection, okie dokey?) is on a lovely holiday – though Mary Jo will claim it’s for work, duh-doi – in Japan and Sydney. So this page is stuck with me for the moment. Wait until the ladies are back to see a piece or two of journals about both places.

So I was bitching about how I hate Summer to Mary Jo the other day (Summer is the girl from the movie 500 Days of Summer, if you haven’t watched, get your ass up and watch it. Rent it, steal it, download it, or buy the DVD or whatever I don’t care). To my amazement, with her shrewd comment Mary Jo declared declared how the boy, Tom, was somehow the culprit. I couldn’t think of a clever rejoinder to that, for I thought about it a few seconds and found that perhaps it was so.

Here’s a little of the backstory (Spoiler Alert).

There’s this boy who meets this girl. Boy falls in love, girl doesn’t. But they do like each other and do things no normal friends would do together. Girl doesn’t want to “put any label on it”, while boy just wants some consistency. She ends up breaking his heart, but gets married not long after their “break-up”.

I watched the movie four times to date, as I was dazed by how cool it is as a movie. But more than that, perhaps I was caught in Summer’s realm. I was always the one who stood by the boy. As I watched and re-watched, I came upon the same conclusion that whatever Summer did was utter nonsense and blatantly selfish. So screw you Summer, for not seeing what could have been and missing something that could be great. I hate you.

But not until that sharp remark by Mary Jo did I realize something from a different perspective. I thought it was cool initially, him being all-in without seeming too obsequious to the relationship. But it is ostensible that Tom is perhaps just another self-centered hopeless romantic dude. Which is, in a way, pathetic.

If not for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s winsome appearance, many girls will surely wind up despising Tom. As for me, I feel sorry for Tom. Not in a positive way but in a pitiful way. You might say, it’s just a movie character, but in a profound way it got to me. Probably I just feel sorry for myself.

But you know, as always, having had something you hold on to for some time, letting it go has never been an easy process. I still hate Summer. And you too. Bitch.

vodka, with four olives.


Good day good people!

It’s lunch break now in sunny Singapore on a lovely TGTIF-day. A good timing to try out my first post here!

Anyone seen latest Glee last night? Who’s with me feeling sorry for Blaine for not being as good looking as his brother, played by  the oh-so-lovely Matt Boner (that’s how  Mary Jo called him) ? Who else thinks Quinn and Artie will be cute together, team Quartie? Anyway, what’s everybody been up to recently? I’ve been trying to catch up with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones altogether but ended up with my fifth viewing of Community‘s Remedial Chaos Theory 🙂

Enough with the TV talks. Enjoy whatever lunch you are having in whatever time-of-the-day you are in on this planet Earth. Try not to eat too much for lunch, it tends to make you sleepy. Eat more fruits, drink more water.

This is Vodka, with four olives, signing off with a smooth sound of daybreak.