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Dinner in Tokyo

I went to Tokyo for a short business trip this mid April. I didn’t get to do a lot of touristy stuff since I went for work (lame!lame!lame!) my posts about Japan will be mostly about food.

I stayed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel and on my first day, I went to this Japanese restaurant located at level 38 Shinagawa Prince Hotel. I don’t remember the name though. The Japanese people I was with order this set for us.


Tomato and Bruschetta Carpaccio (bream)

First course : Tomato and bruschetta carpaccio. The pretty shot glass look alike thing was filled with some kind of salad with cream sauce. Good presentation but tasted so plain and boring. Well, it always better to be pretty and boring rather than ugly and boring right?

Spinach potage ~ Japanese style

Next was another usual stuff. Nothing special. This was a basic spinach cream soup. I do not understand where is the Japanese style. Maybe the container?

Sashimi: beam, halfbeak, octopus

Normal sashimi, quite fresh but nothing exceptional.

Shrimp, Shiitake Mushroom

Main course, tempura! Most of these were quite good. Except for one flower thing that tasted bitter. My favourite part was eating all of these tempura with curry salt.

Squid with Saurchin, Green Asparagus

In this picture, you can see the curry salt. So goodddd.

Conger Eel, White Sandbar, Butterbur Scape, Potato with Truffle Oil

Another tempura, starting to feel a bit too full. Although I love the potato with truffle oil on the right. Anything with truffle is good for me. Next course was spring vegetables paired with vinaigrette dressing. I didn’t take any picture because I forgot and I didn’t eat any.

Shrimp Tempura Cake on Rice, Miso Soup, Pickles

The shrimp tempura cake tasted like “bakwan”.

Lemon Sherbet, Rice cake, Strawberry

Dessert, yay! Good lemon sherbet, not too sweet or sour. The rice cake and strawberry were ok.

So yeah, that’s what I ate on my first night in Tokyo and yes, I am still a whale.


Peach King is The Real King

Hi people (or aliens/animals/whatever you are. I am not discriminating),

Lately, I have been obsessed with Game of Thrones. I have been talking about it to Vodka everyday I am kind of surprised he has not asked me to shut up. If you did not know what is Game of Thrones, I would say you are a lame person and need to google it ASAP.

I am not going to dissect the story or characters because I am not smart enough there is a lot of reviews about it anyway. Instead, I am going to show you how fashionable and amazingly dressed the characters in the HBO series are.

Look at her hair, how pretty is that? I cannot find a picture where you can see the detail but you can see how intricate her braids are. Her dress is kind of “meh” to me although the fabric is pretty.

 Now, look at this shit person. I really want to punch his face but I do not want to stab him because do you know why? Look at his amazing clothes. The amazing fabric pattern, one shoulder velvet cloak, pretty crown, the belt, even his bow has amazing details. I do not want to stab him because I do not want to ruin his clothes.

This dress is very very pretty and I’d say this is my favourite dress from Game of Thrones. I especially love the back which looks a little bit like a superhero cape.

And now, onto my favourite character and best dressed in Westeros.

Look at how amazing his armor is. My favourite piece from his ensemble however, is his crown:

 This is the most beautiful piece of accessories I have seen in my whole life. People say, girls like tiaras. Screw tiaras, they look flimsy and boring. Give me this beautiful, flawless, amazing crown instead. I will wear this everyday to work so people will know who is the king!

 Here is a video about Renly’s armor:


A Whale That Other Whales Call Fat

Hi there, Maryjo here.

This is my body at the moment:

This is what I strive for:

Thus, I will try to eat healthy, live healthy, exercise and all that jazz. Although I just ate 3 slices of bakkwa :/.

*In case you are a bit special, I would like to clarify that I am not  a whale who can type or talk. I also do not want to be a mermaid and have fins.