Now Asians can pay more tithe to Steve Jobs.

Okay this is swell! Apple’s iTunes store has made it to some 12 countries in Asia, including Singapore. Seriously, what took those potato heads so long? Now you can join the trend by buying only Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know without having to pretend you care so much about his music. Yeah yeah, welcome to the age of the fad.

BTW, apparently somebody is being left out here. Indonesians, will you be willing to pay Rp9.000 for an Adele song? Or would you prefer to download for free or buy the pirated MP3 compilation in Mangga Dua for Rp5.000? Does the existence of iTunes store have any slightest impact on you?

Even with this, piracy will still be there, surely. One case in point for piracy is so you can test out whether you like the material enough to buy a copy for yourself (ergo, YouTube!). Among the exponents for this is Paulo Coelho, noting increase in his books sales since they are posted in P2P sites. Not everyone is a leecher. The thing is, people need open access to information. Piracy has been a good advocate of freedom of information, whether those white-collared executives like it or not. Who’s to say I will not buy original music (or books, or DVDs) just because free lunch is on the table? Who’s to say I won’t go to the concert of those musician whose songs I downloaded for free? There’s always more than one side of everything and greed is not the answer 🙂

So here’s hoping that iTunes store would help further flatten the world. Although, the fact that Apple (and Google) knows about me more than my mother does – what music I am listening to, where I am currently at, what porn website I access most often, my preference of food to color to my favorite cartoon character – is downright scary. It feels like Big Brother is watching you. There’s a price to pay for convenience? Or is it just another form of greed?

Too many questions need answering. Meanwhile let me contemplate whether to buy Carly Rae’s Call Me Maybe on iTunes. Nah, kidding!



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