Good day good people!

It’s lunch break now in sunny Singapore on a lovely TGTIF-day. A good timing to try out my first post here!

Anyone seen latest Glee last night? Who’s with me feeling sorry for Blaine for not being as good looking as his brother, played by  the oh-so-lovely Matt Boner (that’s how  Mary Jo called him) ? Who else thinks Quinn and Artie will be cute together, team Quartie? Anyway, what’s everybody been up to recently? I’ve been trying to catch up with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones altogether but ended up with my fifth viewing of Community‘s Remedial Chaos Theory 🙂

Enough with the TV talks. Enjoy whatever lunch you are having in whatever time-of-the-day you are in on this planet Earth. Try not to eat too much for lunch, it tends to make you sleepy. Eat more fruits, drink more water.

This is Vodka, with four olives, signing off with a smooth sound of daybreak.


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